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Materials & Parts Section

* Lamps & Related Materials

Various kinds of Lamps for both general and special use available with TOSHIBA(TOKI), SANKYO, ASAHI and CHIYODA Brand. We also supply the component-parts, materials and chemicals such as Tungsten wire, Base pin, Refine Mercury, Amalgam-pills and Hard bond etc., to be used with the electric-lamps.

* Electrical Insulating Materials

Vulcanized fiber in sheet available with TOYO FIBER Brand.
We also supply various kinds of Mica-sheets, glass & cotton tapes & sleeves, Bake-lite sheet & rod and Ebonite-rod as well.

* Heat-Resistance Electric Wires & Cables

Various kinds of heat-proof wires & cables such as Silicon rubber insulated glass fiber braided wires etc., we also supply various kinds of Thermocouple wires and other special kind of cables.

* Electric Heating Materials & Products

Various kinds of Pipe-heaters, Cartridge-heaters, Fin-heaters etc., from SILVER(KASHIMA) Brand.
We also supply the materials such as Resistant wire(AKABANE Brand),
Magnesia powder & insulator(TATEHO Brand), Ceramic insulator, Steel & Stainless pipe etc.,

* Wiring Devices

Various kinds of Electric wiring devices are available, we also supply floor wiring devices, and outlet box etc.,

* Plastic Materials

Various kinds of Plastic materials(PVC Sheet etc.,) for general & industrial use available from
SEKISUI(ESVILON), SHINKO(PIKARON), KURARAY(KURASTER). We also supply the PVC welding Rods. NITTO Brand items such as Teflon tapes etc., are also available from us.

* Metals

Special Metal products such as Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, Copper & Brass in sheet or rod and wire are available.
We also supply Silicon steel sheet(Non-oriented & Grain-oriented) and Bi-metal, as well as the other special metals.

* Electric & Electronics Parts

Various kinds of component parts and switches for factory automation use are available.
We supply TOSHIBA, MITSUBISHI, OMRON Brand etc., Electric & Electronics control devices.
Electric & Electronics parts for Tel-communication network such as SUNTECH Brand Gas Tube Arrestors, Raychem Brand Poly switches, General & Special motors(MITSUBISHI, TOSHIBA, ORIENTAL MOTOR Brand etc.,), Condensers, Resistors and various kinds of Connectors are also available.

Instruments, Equipments & Machinery Section

* Testers & Meters

Various kinds of Multi Testers & Meters are available.
We also supply measuring devices for professional use.

* Motor Sirens

Various kinds of Motor Sirens from YAHAGI Brand

* Vacuum Systems & Vacuum Pumps

Various kinds of Vacuum systems & Vacuum pumps from such as ULVAC, SHIBAURA(TOKUDA), OSAKA VACUUM, SHINKO brands, besides, we supply EDWARDS(U.K.) brand Vacuum pumps for Electric Lamp & Plastic Coating Industries etc.,
We also supply Vacuum Pump Oils from NEOVAC(MORESCO) Brand.

Engineering/Technical services for repairing and/or overhaul work of the Vacuum Systems & Vacuum Pumps are also available from us.

* Equipments & Machinery for Produce Heaters

We can supply equipments & machinery such as Swaging machine, MGO filling machine and Coiling machine etc., for production of pipe heaters and/or cartridge heaters.
Beside of the above, we can also provide the technical/supervise services for the production of the heaters

* Press Dies & Press Machines

Various kinds of Progressive dies for stamping and/or press purpose are available from IKEDA Brand.
We can also supply YAMADA-DOBBY Press machines and the other related equipments such as Uncoiler, Feeder and Die-height detector etc.,

* Automatic Spinning Machine

We supply KATO TECHNO Brand Spinning machine, for the purpose of
spinning & forming of Aluminum, Steel. Copper and Stainless steel, the machine for forming metal plate to the designated shape use for cooking-wares, lampshades, automobile parts etc.,

* Second Hand Machines

We can supply various kinds of second hand machines such as Press machines, Printing machines
and Corrugator Line(For making corrugated fiberboard) etc.,

* Others

Various kinds of Safety Belts and fall protection devices from FUJII Brand

And any other products can be supplied, we are always welcome to respond with your inquiries.


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